dog-jacketEven though we live in sunny Queensland it does still get cold enough, in the winter months, to affect your pets.
Here at Parkinson Vet, we have come up with some handy tips to make sure your pets stay healthy, safe, and warm this winter.

With cold weather coming up it would be a good idea to get your pets groomed now so their fur grows back in time for the winter months. For long-haired dogs that shed (golden retrievers, spaniels, etc) it would be best to give them a good thorough brushing now to remove any mats so they don’t have bald spots this winter. We are open for grooming services for small and medium sized dogs on Wednesdays and Fridays. Call soon to book your pre-winter groom as our groomer does get very busy this time of year.

For older dogs or cats with arthritis, winter can be very hard. Cold weather can increase the pain associated with osteo-arthritis in both people and pets. If your older pet is slowing down, having trouble getting up, climbing stairs, or going for walks book him or her in today to see the vet. Joint supplements and nutritional support can be very important for arthritic pets over the winter. There are many treatment options available for arthritis and we want to make sure your pet is comfortable and supported over the winter.

On very cold days, please bring your pets inside. As a general rule, if it is too cold for you it is too cold for your pet. For pets that can’t come inside (like semi-feral cats) make sure they have a warm draft-free box with comfortable dry bedding where they can snuggle up on cold nights. For more information on making boxes for outside cats please feel free to contact the clinic.

Dog jackets can be a great option for keeping your pet warm when they are outside but be cautious; if they get wet your pet will be colder than not wearing anything at all. Also if they are not accustomed to wearing a coat then they may become stressed and attempt to take it off which could be a choking hazard. When you first try a coat on your dog make sure they are supervised to ensure they won’t struggle with it.

In cold weather be on the lookout for hypothermia in your pets. Some signs of hypothermia in animals include violent shaking or shivering, lethargy, decreased awareness, and lack of appetite. If you think your pet is suffering from hypothermia bring them indoors immediately, wrap them in warm blankets or towels and contact the vet clinic as soon as possible. Hypothermia can quickly become life threatening.

If you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s health this winter please call us and book an appointment today!

To WIN a free dog jacket post a photo of your pet rugged up for winter on our Facebook page with the caption “WINTER IS COMING.” Get creative; put your dog in ski gear or your cat in a beanie. We will select the three best photos by June 20th 2015 and the winners will receive a free dog jacket. We have several sizes and styles to choose from. Winners will be announced on the Facebook page once the competition closes.