Pet of the month

Chewy and Junior

Meet Chewy and Junior who recently got all dressed up to attend their Mum and Dad’s wedding as ring bearers!
Chewy is a 14 year old pekingese mix and Junior is a 11 year old Pomeranian/German spitz and are considered geriatric dogs. Despite their age, they still act […]


Hello World! Wesley is sparkly little spitfire pooch, a 6 year old Chihuahua X who has recently come into troubles with his teeth. Wesley has broken a few of his teeth, which requires a trip to the vet for them to be pulled, and to be on […]


Meet Memphis, a 1 year old Toy Poodle who is bundles of energy! Memphis is a much loved little girl who has a very special diet, due to the formation of bladder stones! Ouch! She has been in to see …


Meet Tipsie, Ms Cat-o-nine-lives, with only a few left now! She’s a beautiful little blue point DSH, who was lucky enough to take on a train and live to tell the tale! After going missing one weekend, Tipsie was found …


Meet Rosie, a 3 year old purebred Basset Hound, who has just given birth to a big litter of puppies, all of which have recently found furr-ever homes with their new parents! Rosie was a very loving and caring mother, and much loved by her mum and […]